Evil Odd


Thursday, June 25, 2009

I've been like fully sick busy..

Yo Broz,

Jus wanted to let youse know that I've been full-on busy. Like yea mate, fully sick ey. I've been travellin' and shit, in a suit and all that ya know. Who woulda thought ey?

But I gotta say broz, gettin' on and off planes all week long is pain in the ass bro. Pack and unpack. My gym routine has hit the skitz too. I'm not like gettin' fully sick pumps like I used to. I lost 2 kilos since I been workin' on dis project. 2 fuckin' kilos bro. You knw how much guns is dat?

But yea, I been missin' writtin' ey. Youse no longer droppin' me no lines or shit. You think youse too good for me ey? Screw youse man. Can't see any good shit out dere.

Anywayz broz (and sistaz). Just wanted to say I miss youse all ey. Clubbin' is fuckin' awesome when youse are not in the same city for more than a week ey.

Alright broz. Jus wanted to send a shout to youse all. I'm alive and kickin'.