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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Getting Older - Fight or Quit?

"What a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable" - Socrates

There are things in life that we come to understand that we have missed out on when we realise that we are getting older. At the first point of realisation of that fact, we reach the fork in the road. At that intersection, one gets to decide between:

I must do something about it. I can't let my life go by and miss out on this.


It's too late. I'll never get to do it. I'll never get there. I need to move on and accept it.

The first option is the warrior option. You fight it out and refuse to accept things the way they are. While you may realise you are getting older and some things get harder to accomplish, you refuse to let it get to you. The extreme side of this is obvisouly a mid-life crisis. Panic and fear takes over and you realise that you really haven't done much in your life. So you go out, get your sports car, go on that cruise, or travel around the world.

The second option is the option for quitters (they think they're realists). You stick to what you know, probably become good at it, but also starting losing that glitter of brightness you used to have when you had ambitions. Cynicism creeps in, and all of a sudden everyone is calling you a grouch. Other things creep in at this point too, things like keeping fit. You start realising that there is no point in working out because you're too old to get fit, and besides, you're married.

For now, I choose option 1 to cover more than one aspect of my life. I always thought about the point of Socrates' quote mentioned at the top of this post. It is definitely a shame if one grows old without knowing the limits, strengths, and beauty of their body. So the first aspect is settled. I must get fit and healthy again. I must reach the peak that I reached in May 2007 again. I want to be able to see my abs again. That's the goal.

The second aspect of this is (ta da) work. I am growing too impatient for my own good and this must stop. While finding a source of inspiration is extremely difficult in the circumstances that I'm in, I must work on my self-motivating skills. There is no point in giving up and being satisfied with status quo when it comes to work. At least not five years into my professional career. Life is all about ups and downs. I accept that. But the downs must be managed, and they must be managed well.

While focusing on the two things mentioned above, I of course forget about everyone and everything else. That in itself needs fixing. Maybe in another post.