Evil Odd


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Managing Expectations ... Not Really Easy

"Odd, do you have a minute?"

Uh oh. Here we go again. The guy has been on my case for the past few days.

I walk behind the boss and enter a small meeting room. We both take a seat.

"Yes boss?"

"Odd. Don't ever say that any project you work on is easy."

"What do you mean?"

"Nothing is easy! Everything is hard, and you try your best to get it done. You see what I'm trying to do?"

"Umm... setting expectations?"

"I am managing expectations. If you tell the head honcho that a job is easy, and we deliver, then we've only met expectations. Because everyone knows that the job is easy! But if you say that the job is challenging, and then you complete it, then you've beaten expectations. Besides, something can go wrong in any job. How will you explain an unintended stuff-up when you've declared to everyone that a job is easy?"

"Hmmm..good point about the stuff-up thing...but the job was actually eas.."

"No it wasn't. It was tough, and we managed to get it done."

"Fine. It was tough. Complex. Difficult. Hard. Fine. Nothing is easy!"

"Good. And Odd, your study lifestyle is outrageous..."

"Boss! There's only two weeks to go before the exam. Let me have my moment. Besides, I already said that I'm taking next year off. No more study! What am I going to do without study?"


"Absolutely NOT! I will enrol in any night-class I can find to avoid being at work for long hours."

"You need to find a balance somewhere."

"I don't think working more is a balance."

To be continued...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Day in the Life

"Woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head, found my way downstairs and had a smoke. Somebody spoke and I went into a dream..."

On Friday, I bought a beautiful cookbook by Neda Afrashi called The Persian Kitchen, and once I laid my eyes on the Tahchin recipe, I was determined to cook the rice and chicken 'cake'. So I woke up today feeling good. Stepped outside and realised that 15 degrees celcius in summer was more than I could ask for. Thank you God! That means for the next few days at least, I will not suffer symptoms of the dreadful hayfever.

So anyway. I got into my little car, and drove to what some people call city. I walked around one of the shopping malls and came across a video game store. Is Mirror's Edge out? Yes it is! Woohoo! I get to play a first-person game where you don't have to shoot anything. Great! So I bought it. As I was stepping out, I checked the TV series aisle for my favorite show - Quantum Leap. I had been thinking about watching the entire series for some time now, but could never fit it in. Season 1 was in stock, so I bought a copy!

On my way to the car, I bought a few things you need to make Tahchin. Youghurt, rice, butter, onion, and carrot. Awesome. Everything I needed for the recipe was in place. I impatiently drove home, and started mixing ingredients up. I finished preparing the recipe and even used a kitchen towel to cover the lid of the pot in which the Tahchin was cooking. Talk about being authentic. Yea baby. I'm real.

So while the rice and chicken cake was cooking, I plugged in Mirror's Edge and started playing. Wow - this is so awesome. How cool is this game... wait... uh... I don't feel so good. I feel flushed... I'm sweating, and feeling extremely nauseous. Must be that salad I had for lunch (I always have salad for lunch on Saturdays). Uh. I need to lay down a bit. Ooh I feel much better now. I can play the game again. After three minutes of playing... uh... I don't feel good anymore. Could it be that this game is making me sick!? After a bit of googling - I found out that it is! HOW ANNOYING!

So me being me, I started googling how I can avoid feeling sick. Lo and behold - the medication I use for my hayfever can be used to limit symptoms of nausea! I'm in again, yes baby! Okay, so maybe taking a few pills to play a video game is a bit extreme. But then again - I am extreme.

By that stage, the Tahchin was ready. A quick taste test proved that I am the greatest chef in the world. Shame that no one was there to testify for it. So I plugged in the Quantum Leap DVD and enjoyed the very first episode of the TV show I used to watch on Thursdays on Channel 55. I initially thought it may be the case that everything will appear tacky and lose its flavour. But no. The show looks good, and the acting is great. Above all, it has the coolest storyline and premise ever!

At 10:13PM, I realised that this was the most normal day I've had in a very, very long time.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Now what?

I made a mistake, and I know that it is hard for many to admit that. But I made a mistake.

About eight years ago, I laid out a personal plan for my education and career. Two weeks ago, I declared 'Mission Accomplished.' Now what?

Does this mean that from now on, I'll have to submit myself to the mundane? To stop treating life as a circus and start paying attention to things that were completely off the radar over the past few years?

I had been so distracted for so long that I cannot even remember the last time I had a reflective moment such as this one. How could I have not foreseen this? And what do I need to do to fix this? A post-mission mission?

Is this what post-pregnancy depression feels like?

In normal circumstances, you would think that someone my age and background would declare a 'ready to get married' status and ask mom for the 'catalogue' of local willing brides-to-be. That, let me make very clear, is not even an option at this stage. So much more bachelorhood to go through, I can't just give it all up. I didn't spend the past 20 or so years studying my ass off to give it all up (or even share it!) with someone else.

Wow, how selfish have I become!

What do I do now? What do I do what do I do what do I do? I don't know! I've never not known!

Maybe I should travel. Do I need to travel? Where to? Is there anything exciting to do out there? Like what? Who am I going to take with me?

Maybe I should just pack my bags and go home. Hah. Good one.